App privacy policy

At Appendee we take privacy very seriously. We’ll help you to protect your personal data. If you agree to our terms this means:


  • you create a personal account in the Appendee database
  • this personal account empowers you to make use of all the enabled features in the app, which include:
    • in some cases, the organiser can choose to restrict the event for invited users only. You can only access those events if you create an account.
    • add relevant information for other participants to your personal profile (like your jobtitle or professional expertise)
    • receive system e-mail messages (for example with a login link)
    • mark sessions as favourite in order to create a personal schedule
    • interact with other attendees
    • receive push messages from the event organiser
    • participate in polls

Specific privacy related

  • we have a processing agreement with your events organiser
  • we will never share your personal data with third parties
  • be aware that the information you enter in Appendee (except your e-mail address) is largely public to your fellow participants and the organiser.
  • for operational purposes (i.e. room planning, etc.), the organiser can download an Excel file with an overview of the bookmarked sessions from the attendees of his/her event. This Excel thus can contain your name and e-mail address
  • we implement a magic link for seamless login. To not clutter that user experience, we ask for your opt-in after we’ve asked for your e-mailaddress. You’re able to remove your e-mail address before opt-in if you decide not to continue with the account creation process.
  • direct messages you send to fellow participants are only visible to the individual recipient
  • messages you post on the Bulletinboard are visible to all participants. Be considerate over your postings.
  • you can choose to delete or change information you’ve entered
  • you can choose to opt-out from the attendee list at any point
  • you can delete your profile with all your provided content at any time
  • statistical data collected (if any, but for example poll results or usage statistics) for the organiser of the event, will always be anonymised

If you have any doubts or questions related to our privacy policy, please contact us via