The news module

Spice up the enthusiasm towards or make announcements during the event
by posting news items. If you want to make sure people will notice your news
just send a push notification along.

The news module

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The news module

Always aware of latest news

Unexpected road block or want to announce the mystery guest? People love to be well informed about the event.

Notified by push messages

Get the attention of attendees by sending a push notification along with the news.

Scheduled publications

Want to share a welcome message at 9 a.m. but you have other things to worry about at that moment? No problem, you are able to schedule news items.

Video supported

Next to formatted text and accompanying photo you are able to add video’s.

Getting the audience excited

Spicy things up towards the event by sharing news about e.g. keynote speakers or fancy acts.

Day journals & reports

Publish day journals (text or video) at the end of the day to keep attendees involved and let them remind the excitement.

Other fascinating features & add-ons

Live polling

Get people more involved by letting them participate in your presentations. People can easily join the poll via the app. Now you get the chance to get valuable insights while people tell how they think about certain topics. Results can be shown on the big screen.

Bulletin board

Capture your attendees thoughts! People love to share their ideas and experiences. The closed community bulletin board lets attendees post, like and comment on questions, photos and stories.The excitement will start far before the conference and last longer than ever.

Broadcast messaging

Easily send group broadcast messages to attendees. Now attendees can be notified of last minute changes or just send a nice message to feel welcome. You can just send broadcast messages directly from the palm of your hand. At any time, from anywhere.