Event registration

Meet our partner in event registration... Easydus. Flexible
and easy to use event management software to handle
event registration, communication and more.

Event registration & communication


Our partner in event registration (Easydus) is probably the best, easy to configure and most flexible event registration for event planners. And, the integrated API connection with Appendee makes sure the registration and attendee list in the app are seamlessly integrated.

Simple or complex registration

Whether you are organizing a straight forward easy acceptance meeting or complex 7-days conference, it is completely up to you. Easily add e.g. custom fields, ticket sale, secure payment, badge printing & scanning, speakers management, evaluation, and more… If you can think of it, Easydus let’s you get the job done.

All-in-one event management software

With Easydus you are able to manage your complete event. Invitation & registration, invoicing & payments, badge handling & scanning, call for papers, evaluation, event insights, automated emails, personalized documents, abstract handling, and many, many more…

GDPR compliant

The Easydus software is fully GDPR compliant and specialized in helping companies to make sure regulation of their data is GDPR compliant.

Automated conditional email

Improve event communication via the automated emails sent from Easydus. Create conditions to make sure emails are sent only to people who need to be informed. Choose one of the preselected HTML templates to emphasize the impact of your message.

Pre-filled forms

Make it easy for invited people to register as forms can be pre-filled with information from your database. Lower the threshold to increase the chances of a successful registration. People will love you for it.

As of January 31th
twoppy is Appendee

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